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Walking a Purposeful Life On Purpose – Part 2

As we awake, we don’t always think about, “Who is going to watch me today? Will I need to be cautious of what I say or do? Will I positively or negatively influence someone today?” Seriously, how many people wake up thinking about those questions? Hhhhmmmm…..Maybe 1. Ok, 0. I will admit that I do not wake up on a daily basis thinking about these questions. However, I do ask God to help me to try and live according to the way He would want me to. I am flawed in so many ways, yet still uniquely created to do His Will (God does have a sense of humor). As I evolved, learned to love myself, set boundaries, and learned about my purpose, I began to understand some things. The more I was learning, the more I realized there was so much more in life to learn. The greatest lesson life has taught me are these:

1) Life is not fair and can be very unjust, and God is greater 2) Some will face many challenges, and persevering will be the key to overcoming 3) We were not created to be selfish, but selfless 4) Knowledge is not to be hoarded, but shared 5) Intentional or unintentional, everyone has a purpose and is leaving either a positive or negative legacy As a result, think about it. Evaluate and determine, what sort of legacy are you leaving? What will people say at your funeral? Will they throw a rock or flower? Will they smile and be happy that you are gone? Will they mourn for the loss of your presence? If one person is grateful/joyful of your death, you may want to talk with God about how to turn things around. You should live a life where people will miss your presence and be grateful that you were in their life. Now, reflect and pray for the direction God would have you take.

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